​KELLY HUGHES JR is our co-host on Sports World with Evan​ Hughes. After growing up with a passion of soccer, Kelly played four seasons at Virginia Tech University and was team captain in 1984. Kelly is now a softball coach for Rockville Softball and has won two State Championships in the past three years.​​​ He resides in Rockville, Virginia with his family.

​​BLAKE JONES is our Major League Baseball analyst on Sports World with Evan Hughes. Jones has experience in the baseball world after playing ball for the RYA Spiders. He resides in Montpelier, Virginia with his family. Blake loves to cheer on his Seattle Mariners..

WILL FUTCH is our National Football League analyst on Sports World with Evan Hughes. Will follows the National Football League very closely including his beloved Washington Redskins. Will resides in Washington, DC. He can't wait for the Redskins to bring home a Super Bowl.

TOM LEWANDOWSKI JR is our College Football analyst on Sports World with Evan Hug​​hes. Tom has always had a passion of all sports and loves College Football. Tom resides in New York and loves to cheer on his Michigan State Spartans. Go Green!

Sports World with Evan Hughes
Sports World with Evan Hughes has lots of different analysts on the show. All of our analysts are hard-working people that love to talk about sports and have lots of experience in the broadcasting world plus the sports world.